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       Garden Home Gifts and Souvenirs Pte Ltd was established in July, 2006. Shortly after the overwhelming demands for gifts, corporate gifts and upon the many requests from our valued customers, we expanded our business to specialise in crystal products. Resultingly, the birth of Garden Home Crystal Palace Pte Ltd. Our focus is providing customers with high quality crystals (supplying only top grade crystals), quality lasering, quality packaging and our professional services.

       Our products range from personalized gifts to corporate gifts. Each has it own distinctiveness and taste, providing added values to a variety of special events, schools, and conferences. With our team of committed staff, sincere efforts, innovative ideas, intelligent directions and skillful executives, Garden Home Crystal Palace is determine to achieve excellency through our highest possible quality products, services and customer satisfaction. We believe, through acquisition of our creative concepts, modern management techniques and competent services to our valued customers. Our Company is able to achieve our goal of excellence. Our trophies and plaques are made of superior high-grade crystal. They are not only sophisticated and of high quality, but also exclusively designed by our team of professional designers.

       We also take in requests for customization to suit the various needs and expectations of our customers. Our existing customizations range from trophies towering at a height of more than 3 feet to anything that you can ever imagine. Our professional staff is able to provide precise ideas, creativeness and making every piece in its own unique way close to the heart of our customers. We are confident in providing our customers with top-notch quality and professionalism. Our team of production staff specialise in 2D and 3D, internal or external lasering for our trophies and plaques. To meet the needs of our valued customers, Garden Home Crystal Palace launch the latest internal & external laser machines that provide an unprecedented level of customization personalized gift at a very fast speed.

       Garden Home Crystal Palace caters to the needs of individuals as well as corporate clients. With our wide range of products, Garden Home Crystal Palace is able to meet the needs of the corporate world. Ranging from various events such as sports events, company dinner and dance to special awards for different occasions. We do have exclusive designs for offices and homes. The elegant products reflect sophistication and giving pride to the place. The perfection comes from our skills and even the slightest flaw is unacceptable as Garden Home only allows perfection in our products. From inexpensive business gifts to elegant corporate awards and everything in between, Garden Home Crystal Palace has one of the best selections in the industry. To cater to our customers’ conveniences, Garden Home Crystal Palace provide a ONE-STOP-SERVICE, providing everything under one roof.

       Garden Home Crystal Palace believes in helping small to medium retailers to venture into their market by giving them the lowest wholesale prices. We welcome franchising, retailing and joint partnership. Our unique, exclusively designed products together with the lower-than-market-price products enable our retailers to get the products moving fast and efficiently. Garden Home Crystal Palace has our very own showroom in the East showcasing all our unique products, attracting customers from various walks of life.

       We welcome all of you to visit our showroom and have a look at our exclusively designed products. We operate daily except om Sunday from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm with our pioneer staff all ready to give you first hand information on our products.

Headquarter in East Coast Headquarter in East Coast

Jul 2009, Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Oct 2009, Exhibition in Dubai Jan/Feb 2010, Exhibition in Frankfurt

Jun/Jul 2010, Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Aug 2010, Exhibition in Singapore

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